CHROMA Festival

  • Year: 2020

  • Personal project

  • Branding + UX/UI Design + Social Media Content

  • Fonts: Lato + Blatant

The project consists of the creation of CHROMA festival, its conceptualization and the development of the visual identity of the first edition.
CHROMA is a festival focused on color. It is proposed as a space for the dissemination of art and design with proposals that invite us to reflect on the world around us through the use of color. Starting from the chromatic, different pieces of design were created seeking to communicate the information of the event in a clear, forceful and attractive way.
Likewise, the development of identity was based, on the one hand, on the concept of "rhythms and chromatic vibrations" and, on the other hand, on the definition of seven color schemes that were used to organize and distinguish the different sections of the festival. Through the use of color it was sought to convey the idea of ​​freedom, creative audacity, positivism and dynamism.