Limit/overflow of controversy

Installation consisting of 42 pieces created with Waterless Photolithography technique, electronic circuit plates and an object made up of an electronic circuit plate and papers extracted from digital screens that diffract and modify the vision. Project developed during an art residency in Proyecto ┬┤ace.

Waterless photolithography on paper
30x30 cm each
Monoprints (edition of 1)


The project revolves around the digital era and the mutation of our human condition. In our contemporary, the rise of the visual and the proliferation of images establish an era of visuality. In this way, technology becomes a key factor in the socio-cultural formation of individuals, and screens develop into the legitimate medium of the regime of truth.

In a world with a predominance of digital interactions, with a controversial rise of visuality, and screen-mediated relationships, where does the intangible of existence lay? Does the possibility of developing subjectivity exist inside the technological sphere we are immersed in? Can splits in the digitalization of life be generated to become fertile ground for human consciousness and sensitivity to emerge?

Electronic circuits, glances and synapses, an attempt to outline the idea of the development of subjectivity within the current parameters of the digital era. A psyche that does not submit to the limit, and plays inside and outside of it, timidly seeking to branch out beyond the spheres of the binary code. A portrait of the new normality of the human condition; where the presence of people in the world is less about physical interactions and much more about digital spheres.