Limit/overflow of controversy

Project developed during an art residency in Proyecto ´ace, in Buenos Aires (January-February 2019).
Installation consisting of 42 pieces created with photolithography technique, an electronic circuit plate and an object made up of an electronic circuit plate and papers extracted from digital screens that diffract and modify the vision.


Implementing geometry as a metaphor for social regime, I seek to delve into the biological, technological and social transversalities that interfere in the development of individuals´ subjectivity. Subjectivity constitutes the basis for existence and the content that defines us. It is a dynamic entity through which we think, dream, feel, desire and experiment the world around us. Is there a possibility for the development of subjectivity inside the current parameters of the social regime?

Geometry, precise and delimited figures, symbolize the morphology upon which social systems tend to be structured and built. Do limits contain and give structure or, on the contrary, do they restrict and generate alienation? Does the act of overflow present fluidity and a possibility for change or, on the contrary, does it condemn us to live in a schizophrenic fluidity? Does the split of the social regime develop into a fertile territory to cultivate an equilibrium, or, does it turn into an arid zone with irreparable fissures? These inquires explore the circumstantial clash between limit and overflow.

In our contemporality, the rise of the visual and the proliferation of images establish an era of visuality. In this way, technology becomes a key factor of the socio-cultural formation of individuals. In this regard, screens develop into the legitimate medium of the regime of truth. Does the possibility to develop subjectivity exist inside the technological sphere we are immersed in? Can splits in the technological structure be generated to become fertile ground in the sphere of mass-media standardization spread by our screens?

Electronic circuits, stares and synapse, an attempt to sketch out the idea of the development of subjectivity inside the current parameters of the informational social regime. An endeavor to play within the regime´s limits and overflows through the neuronal, through a psique that is not subjected to the limit and that timidly seeks to branch beyond it.