Fundamental Stone

  • Year: 2020

  • Personal project

  • Illustration

Set of posters inspired by the poem "This World" of the Uruguayan poet Ida Vitale.

Poem "This World" by Ida Vitale

"Only I accept this illuminated world
certain, inconstant, mine.
Only I exalt its eternal labyrinth
and its safe glow, although it may be veiled.
Awake or among dreams
I walk its grave earth
and it is its patience in me flowering.
It has a deaf circle,
limbo perhaps,
where blindly I await
rain, fire
At times its light changes,
is hell;
at times, rarely, paradise.
Someone could perhaps
half open doors,
see beyond
promises, successions.
Only I in it live,
await it
and there is sufficient wonder.
In it I am,
would be reborn."