Fundamental stone

  • Year: 2020

  • Ongoing project

  • Illustration

Graphic explorations inspired by the poem "This World" of the Uruguayan poet Ida Vitale. Nature images are personal photographs taken on different trips and trekking around the world. An endless nature-based exploration.

Poem "This World" by Ida Vitale

"Only I accept this illuminated world
certain, inconstant, mine.
Only I exalt its eternal labyrinth
and its safe glow, although it may be veiled.
Awake or among dreams
I walk its grave earth
and it is its patience in me flowering.
It has a deaf circle,
limbo perhaps,
where blindly I await
rain, fire
At times its light changes,
is hell;
at times, rarely, paradise.
Someone could perhaps
half open doors,
see beyond
promises, successions.
Only I in it live,
await it
and there is sufficient wonder.
In it I am,
would be reborn."