Glare instance

The interactive installation “Glare instance” is made up of a cube of 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.8m. Three of the interior walls of the cube are covered with 126 compositions created with Screen Printing technique on paper, space is illuminated with black light and the paint contains fluorescent pigment. The public can interact with the installation by adding pieces of screenprints on auto adhesive paper wherever they feel like it.

Screenprint on paper
40x40 cm each
Monoprints (edition of 1)


“A plan is accurate when it allows a fruitful collaboration seeking the maximum of individual freedom. Radiance of the person within the framework of civism.” Le Corbusier

We are social beings who operate within a system that should respect and promote the radiance, the potential of brightness of each human being. History has proven that no social system is immutable, the construction of life within society is an incessant movement whose dynamics requires a balance between conservation and renewal. Presenting geometry as a metaphor for social structure, the intention of this installation is to reinterpret the prevailing notion of the system, defined as the relationships between individuals, and to play with geometric forms, generating new and varied compositions.

The installation “Glare instance” seeks to convey the idea of ​​a regime with the possibility of transformation, a regime that can mutate, redefine itself. To evoke a structure that, through its constitution, fosters diversity and enhances the intensity and brilliance of its components. To portray an idea of ​​the plural. To experience an instance of glare. The impetus of fluorine as an exaltation of vitality. To outline a utopia of proximity, unity, and equality.