K Gallery

  • Year: 2022

  • Client: K Gallery

  • Developed at Curzon PR

  • Branding + UX/UI Design

  • Fonts: Mulish

Based in the dynamic city of Dubai, K Gallery is a modern and contemporary art gallery that aims to make the global art scene more accessible and inclusive. The Gallery presents emerging and established Middle Eastern artists who draw upon traditional Middle Eastern art and culture to innovate new forms of creative expression.

About the product


Develop an effective website for an art gallery, balancing the artistic and commercial side of the business. The site must be easy to manage and achieve the long-term goal of flexibly, dynamically and easily supporting the gallery's growth.


Create an intuitive, agile and simple website that supports the continued growth of the gallery and provides an engaging visual experience. The design emphasizes the gallery's artists and their works, and presents the exhibitions in a more immersive way. The site has an information architecture based on dynamic content that can be expanded or simplified across different sections, and can be easily updated periodically to keep up to date with K Gallery's activities.

First, an exhaustive discovery phase was carried out, conducting an in-depth competitor analysis to identify trends within the sector. The research laid the groundwork for creating a digital foundation for K Gallery to build upon in the future. Each decision was part of a larger picture and was to lead to the achievement of the long-term goals of its business.

The visual identity was based on a combination of neutral grays and was intended to convey a clean, neutral and contemporary look, supporting and reinforcing the image content of the site.