Tea Soul App

The project consists of the development of a UX/UI case study of a tea brand's app.


How would be the ideal application for a tea lover?

Tea Soul is an app that provides you with personal recommendations according to your interests and habits and has a "Perfect Brew List" section for you to quickly check how to prepare your favorite teas in the perfect way.

About the app
Focusing on the needs of a frequent tea shopper and tea lover, my objective was to create an intuitive, usable, and attractive app in which the users could satisfy their needs, discover new organic products that they like, check the perfect brew of their saved teas and have an enjoyable experience.


To the development of Tea Soul App, I followed the Design Thinking Methodology: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. As part of any project, research is essential, so I started collecting information and analyzing the competition, like "Tea Forte" and "Tea Shop".

Visual Identity

The visual identity of the brand is based on the concepts of nature, calmness, and warmth. The prevalence of green seeks to reinforce the idea of natural and organic products and the soft palette has the intention to evoke an atmosphere of calmness and warmth. What is more, the use of the circle is an attempt to portray in an abstract way several things related to the ritual of tea, such as the idea of a mug, two hands holding a cup, the organic shapes of a tea plantation, and the shape of tea leaves.